June 12, 2021

New Full Colour Digital Glass Ceramic Printing on Marine Glass

Full Colour Digital Glass Ceramic Printing on Marine Glass

“Adding another dimension to yacht design and personalisation”

Seaglaze new full colour glass-ceramic digital colour printer

Friday 12th September 2014: Established manufacturer of marine windows, hatches, doors and related marine ‘closures’, Seaglaze Marine Windows, have taken their product offering further up-scale, following acquisition of the UK’s most advanced Marine Digital Glass Ceramic Colour Printing Technology for use on all internal and external glass surfaces on a boat.

Previous use of digital printing on marine glass had mostly stopped at the creation of the border ‘fret’ – recognised as the black-tinted strip around the edge of marine windows and hatches and serving as Ultra-Violet protection of the adhesive bond underneath. But this rather limited use, combined with the fact that demand for direct-bond glazing, (as opposed to framed glass), has been rising in recent years, prompted Seaglaze to make the investment required.

Adding his comments, Alastair Clayton, Seaglaze MD, said: “Now, with the ability to permanently print anything from full colour logos and text placed discreetly in the corner of marine windows and doors, through to the most striking and elaborate, full-scale, multi-colour, high-resolution patterns and images imaginable, then yacht designers, interior stylists and manufacturers now have an added dimension to express, personalise and distinguish the interior or exterior of their yachts from others.”

Housed in Seaglaze’s new £1million, 5,000sq.ft ‘in-house’ Glass Toughening Plant, the new digital printing equipment will address the needs of diverse marine customers, from production boat builders, through to semi-custom and bespoke superyacht markets.

Early adopters of the new process have included Oyster Yachts, with discussions underway with a number of other ‘high-profile’ yacht and motor boat manufacturers.

Use within a boat’s interior could include the creation of full-colour-palette images on glass used for shower doors, stairway balustrades, drinks cabinets, glass used on wardrobe or cupboard doors, basin splash-backs and glass partitions of all kinds. While typical external use would include images, patterns or text on front screens, side windows, hatch openings and portlights or ‘patio-style’ doors that open out on to aft-decks and such like.

Why does glass ceramic digital printing make sense in the marine environment?

Digital glass ceramic printing has proved itself ideal for printing complex, ‘picture-quality’ images on glass because it uses ceramic based ink jetted on to the surface, then fired, or tempered at extreme temperatures of up to 600°C in Seaglaze’s new Toughening Plant, to fully fuse the inks with the glass in a fully permanent, durable and UV stable way, resistant to surface or chemical damage and tough environments experienced at sea.

Artwork files are created within image processing software and the whole process remains integrated and controllable. Digitial files mean that colour densities, transparency, translucency and opacity can be easily manipulated and the process of size and scale variations and the printing of replacement, or repeat panels on different thicknesses of glass, remains a simple and consistent one.

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Find out more about Digital Glass Ceramic Colour Printing for Marine Glass by talking to Alastair Clayton or George Linder at the Southampton Boat Show, stand G-002 Ocean Hall, or by contacting Adam at Broad Reach Communications.

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