June 12, 2021

About Us

Broad Reach Communications have been delivering intelligent, high-impact PR and Marketing campaigns for international marine clients since 2003.

Leisure marine – Superyachting – Commercial marine

Clients across all areas have benefited from our hard-working and focused approach towards raising awareness and building brands.

We have a greater understanding and wider perspective on how to get the most value from any given PR, Marketing or Advertising spend and can take the hassle out of anything to do with the press and media.

Broad Reach Communications deliver results that make a difference.

While our acclaimed marine PR service is often the primary reason new business enquiries come our way, we are equally keen to point out that Broad Reach Communications can assist clients in a variety of additional ways.

As a specialist provider across a range of sales and marketing initiatives, our business model typically engenders a deeper, more diverse and longer-term relationship with clients.

Importantly we have as much experience in the sales and commercial aspects of media as we do in journalism.  This unique approach means we can visualise and ‘second-guess’ the market far better than most of our competitors.

When it comes to dealing with the press, we know exactly who, how, when and where to get the best results for clients.

Not only do we source the most creative and innovative media, advertising and sponsorship opportunities available, we take the client relationship further by creating thought provoking sales brochures, marketing collateral, in-store point-of-sale, merchandising and most other tools available for generating awareness, closing sales and increasing turnover.

More latterly DVD and video production, updating website news, writing blogs and sending out regular digital communications on behalf of customers are just a few further examples of our ‘full-service with high-value’ approach to client relationships.

Broad Reach Communications = Full Service + High Value.

2015 new year, new company – Introducing Broad Reach Video– 

One of the most underused yet highly effective mediums in marine PR, marketing & communications is video and to address that problem, Broad Reach Video is a newly established company producing bespoke videos for marine and non-marine clients.

Ranging from simple, yet highly informative ‘how-to’ style videos, for basic technical and instructional purposes, right through to prestigious corporate videos that can successfully showcase a business as a one-stop shop and centre-of-excellence – Broad Reach Video will work with some of the marine industry’s most respective videographers, editors and journalists to produce carefully scripted films that capture the essence of a company, product or service.

For use on company websites, on exhibition stands, in reception areas and retail environments – short, sharp, well made videos are a perfect way to place a dynamic message in front of a receptive audience.  As a ‘digital brochure’ videos  (CD’s) can bring a company service or product message to life in a way that virtually no other media can match.

For further information on the cost and procedure to create a bespoke marine video for your company contact Adam Fiander or Mike Wills 01722 332 552

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