December 2, 2020

Seajet launch new ‘High-Tech’ labels at METS 2013


Unveiled at METS!

Seajet Product Labels – New design, same quality


Seajet new 'high-tech' silver labels range

19th November 2013:   Unveiled at this year’s METS, Seajet Paint are proud to display a series of new and distinctive ‘high-tech’ silver label designs which replace the old-style stock as from now.


The new designs will allow for better differentiation between the quality of Seajet products, over and above that of competitors.


Product groups will be clearly identified by different coloured reference numbers against a silver-with-spots background. Blue numbers, for example, will identify antifoul products, grey for primers, red for topcoats, amber for varnish and green letters will denote thinners products.


The contents and the formulations of Seajet products will remain exactly the same as before.


Labels will be universal across all export markets and (apart from thinners) safety information and application instructions in multiple languages will be printed on the reverse side.


Familiar product names and numbers such as 033 Shogun, 034 Emperor and 039 Platinum, for example, will all be retained and no products will be discontinued as a result of the changeover.


Commencing shortly after METS, an integrated marine trade and consumer PR and advertising campaign – along with new point of sale material and retailer support – will ensure the transition from old label stock to the new ‘high-tech’ label system will be as seamless as possible.


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Contact Adam Fiander at Broad Reach Comms for a full range of high-res product pictures.


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