May 6, 2021


Adam Fiander, MD, Broad Reach Communications

Adam Fiander - Broad Reach Communications

Adam Fiander, MD

Having worked for ten years at major marine publisher IPC Media and finally resigning in 2003 as Group Head, no one could be better placed to guide and advise clients with superior marine marketing, PR and communications strategies.

While Broad Reach Communications has always been a very internationally focussed agency, it’s worth mentioning that a good proportion of the UK marine industry’s leading editors, journalists, freelance writers and advertising sales staff are ex IPC (Time Inc) c0lleagues of mine.  This fact alone goes some way to explaining why I tend to hear about the the best media opportunities for clients way before other providers do.  Similarly, why our PR messages get through to the right people, where others fail.”  

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Mike Wills, Senior Account Manager, Broad Reach Communications

January 2015:   Regarded as one of the most well known figures in marine media, Mike Wills has teamed up with Broad Reach Communications to bring a wealth of marine knowledge and senior -level contacts to further enhance the PR and Communications side of the business.

Mike says: “Most people within marine recognize me as the former Group Head of Advertising across magazines such as Motorboat & Yachting, Motor Boats Monthly and Superyacht World. I was offered and took early retirement from Time Inc back in September last year and having known Adam since our days together at IPC Media, I decided that with almost 33 continuous years of marine industry experience behind me, I would undertake a new role at Broad Reach Communications.

“Working in conjunction with Adam, I’ll help ensure our client PR messages and USP’s are communicated as effectively as possible amongst the world’s most influential marine & lifestyle editors, publishers, journalists, decision makers and opinion formers.

“I’ll also be looking to ensure our new joint venture company, Broad Reach Video, becomes the go-to place for bespoke marine video.”

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