Nothing before, or since, has caused the same amount of interest and market reaction as the Axopar 28 did when it first broke cover at the Helsinki Boat Show, in 2014.

Our client since 2015, there are barely enough words in the English language to describe the phenomenal impact and huge impression that Axopar has made, and continues to make, on the global boating world.




We’ve represented the PR and media interests of Axopar almost since day one. Providing them with well written press releases and ensuring well attended boat launch and world premiere receptions across Europe and the USA.

Our involvement is far reaching and has been responsible for providing almost everything from a marketing and communications perspective, including short narratives and customer ‘case-studies’ for their brochures and website, organising UK and foreign sea-trials, demo weekends, new dealer presentations, branded merchandise and so forth. The list is almost endless!

This fast-paced journey of phenomenal success and worldwide acclaim could not have been made possible without the encouragement and willing support of people such as Jan-Erik Viitala, Axopar Founding Partner and Creative & Innovation Director and Henna Forsström, Brand & Marketing Manager.