Seajet Paint Seajet Paint

Brand building and achieving significant market penetration.

World leaders in boat care products and antifoul coatings for yachts and boats, Seajet (Chugoku Marine Paints) was a mostly unknown brand when it came to the UK twenty years ago.

Our involvement began way back in 2003 with a pro-active PR, marketing, advertising and in-store 'point of sale' campaign.

Tasked with the daunting prospect of establishing a new brand of antifoul in what was considered a very conservative and slow to react market, we set about making sure that samples of Seajet were being actively used by as many journalists and boating 'personalities' as possible, to protect the underside of their very own boats.  Once they had discovered how well the products worked for them, we knew these influential product ambassadors would spread the word as well, if not far more successfully than any advertising or PR campaign could achieve. 

The strategy called for a degree of faith in our methods and patience from the client while people slowly started to use Seajet on their boats and realised what a good technical product it turned out to be.

Word soon spread and after two or three initial years of getting the product truly established, we then had large swathes of the UK and European trade & consumer market not just talking about Seajet, but actively stocking the range in shops and boatyards and end-user customers actively applying Seajet antifoul on to their boats and yachts. 

Seajet's 'Test-Winning' heritage.

We were confident the technology contained in Seajet coatings would stand up well against larger brands, such as International Paints, Jotun and Hempel. The strategy called for as many marine trade and consumer magazine tests that would compare and contrast the Seajet range with many of their close competitors.  

Independent endorsements came thick & fast. Turnover for the range multiplied many times over and we were now well on our way to getting the Seajet brand accepted and truly established. Job Done!