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Significant uplift in exposure due to marine awards.

New boat builder, ROM Boats from Portugal came to us asking for help in how to win a marine award.

They needed to know which of the three main leisure boat awards would be more applicable to their new 8m sports weekender, how and when to go about the entry procedure, and what they could expect to achieve at the end of the process. 

Using our previous experience, knowledge and know-how, we were more than happy to offer solid advice and guidance, and then arranged for a whole string of European journalists to visit Portugal, to test and try out the ROM 28. At the same time we provided full back-up information, and all other data and design specifications and photography shots they might require.

This year long process resulted in a significant uplift in the amount of positive press and media exposure for our client, plus two successful ‘best in category’ nominations, split across the EPBY European Powerboat of the Year and BOB Best of Boats awards. Job done.